In this tutorial, I am telling you about custom admin notification message. If you are thinking? What is the custom admin notification message feature? The Custom admin notification message is preset email text. This custom message text. You will receive on your email when subscribed a new user on coming soon page. You can customize received email notification text with your own text and also you can get subscriber’s email with email text. It means that you will get the email notification with your own text. You can customize easily this text through the admin panel.

Firstly, Use to this feature, you need to enable database subscriber form because custom admin notification message feature will work only with database subscriber form. Do the following steps.

1. How to enable Database Notification Form?

To enable database notification form. Read this tutorial will help you. click here

2. How to set Custom Message to Admin?

Now, Go to => WP-Menu => Webriti Coming Soon Pro => Language Settings

Here you will find a box by the name Custom Email Message to Owner, here you can set your own custom message. The Custom message will be emailed to you whenever new user opt for subscription. You can also add the subscriber email by using the short-code [email] in the message box. You can place this short-code anywhere in the message. This short-code will retrieve the subscriber’s email id. Refer attach screen shot.