For using  Mad Mimi newsletter subscription you have to select Mad Mimi as a subscription service among the services present in drop-down subscriber form list inside the notification setting’s tab in plugin settings. Now to integrate this service with our plugin you have to specify the username or email id  through which Mad Mimi Account is created  and the API Key. If you are new to this and  have no idea about  how to get API key than Click here.

After specifying the respective details save the settings and fetch the list by clicking Save and Refresh Button. If you have not created any list in Mad Mimi , yet,  than you have to do this now. Once you create the list, come to this setting and again click the refresh list button and this time you will see the list you just created. Select the list and save the options.

Now all the users who opt’s in via subscriber form in the coming soon page will be added to this list. After a while you can access all the collected emails from  the Mad Mimi Dashborad. There are several options Mad Mimi allow’s you to play around with emails collected.

Settings at a glance.

Go to => Webriti Coming Soon Pro => Notification Form Settings => Select Mad Mimi

  1. Name Field-> Select checkbox if you want to show name field on form field in coming soon page.
  2. Username or Email -> Enter your Mad Mimi account username or email Id used.
  3. API Key -> Enter your Mad Mimi API key.
  4. List -> Display all the list created by you in  Mad Mimi.



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